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Multiple Positions

Emerge Artisan Juicery and Kitchen/Lafayette, LA
Job Title: Multiple Positions
Job Description:
  • Emerge Artisan Juicery and Kitchen is located with the Tribe Collective building, walking distance from UL Lafayette's campus at 1101 E University Ave.
  • Known for its organic, cold-pressed juices and smoothies; vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals; and spiritual workshops and classes
  • Emerge is seeking to expand their staff by filling the following positions;
  • Juicing: Participate in the creation of their iconic, nutritionally dense line of juices 
  • Cooks: Gain experience in creating vegan, raw and non-vegetarian meals within the only gluten-free certified space in Lafayette, LA
  • Zen & Clean: Keep the workspace sacred and pure by maintaining optimal levels of physical and energetic cleanliness 
To apply, please email cover letter and resume to emergejuice@gmail.com

Date Posted: 9/12/17