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Health Care Specialist

US Army/Lafayette, LA
Job Title: Health Care Specialist (68W)
Full-time & Part-time
Job Description:
  • Administer emergency medical treatment to battlefield casualties
  • Assist with outpatient and inpatient care and treatment
  • Instruct Soldier's on Combat Lifesaver/First Responder training course
  • Manage Soldier's medical readiness, medical supplies and equipment
  • Paid Job Training (No prior training necessary)
  • On the job experience/advanced training opportunities
  • Starting at $1599.90 per month/advanced rank and rapid promotion opportunities/unmatched medical benefits/30 days paid vacation per year/weekends and holidays off/student loan repayment opportunities/money for college and more
  • HS Diploma or equivalent
  • Get a qualifying ASVAB score
  • No history of a felony conviction
  • No history of drug use or addiction
Apply online at
https://goo.gl/qGA63C. (Pre-qualification link & application). If you have any questions, contact SSG Steven R Mercer at 337-224-3395 or steven.r.mercer.mil@mail.mil.

Date Posted: 9/12/2017