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Database Engineer

CGI/Lafayette, LA
Job Title: Database Engineer
Job Description: 
  • Adapts business requirements, developed by modeling/ development staff and systems engineers, and develops the data, database specifications, and table and element attributes for an application
  • Documents and communicates database design
  • Evaluates and installs database management systems
  • Codes complex programs and derives logical processes on technical platforms
  • Builds windows, screens, and reports
  • Assists in designing user interface and business application prototypes
  • Participates in quality assurance and develops test application code in client server environment. Provides expertise in devising, negotiating, and defending the tables and fields provided in the database
  • At more experienced levels, helps to develop an understanding of client's original data and storage mechanisms
  • Determines appropriateness of data for storage and optimal storage organization
  • Determines how tables relate to each other and how fields interact within the tables for a relational model
  • Bachelor’s Degree is required plus 2-5 years of relevant experience (Master's Degree a plus)
  • Knowledgeable of federal laws and regulations, directives, instructions, policy, standards, and guidance, so that requirements support security and privacy compliance. Knowledgeable of FedRAMP requirements and guidance.
  • Leads, directs or is responsible for implementation and compliance with information security/information assurance policies, privacy policies, access controls, data integrity, and database systems.
  • Experienced in database management and data administration support for medium-to-large databases. Advises/presents on best practices and provides support for database management and administration tasks such as standardizing data names, definitions, usage, and structures.
  • Leads and directs database specialists to manage databases, manage database projects, and provide database administration functions.
  • Experienced in database structures including design, normalization, documentation, file organization, and indexing and tuning of the design to make sure applications can make efficient use of the data contained within the database.
  • Leads, directs or responsible for creating, mirroring, backup, tuning data warehouses and implementing, managing and tuning data mining tools , makes recommendations on set up, selection, security, and management thereof.
  • Provides design and development of interface capabilities between database systems and other management systems to support access and usage of programmatic data. Manages access and usage of databases including data security.
  • Works with business analysts and clients to make sure functional requirements are embedded supported by the database and application developed during the SDLC.
  • Develops or directs the development of database documentation such as logical and physical database design, normalization diagrams (i.e., Entity Relationships), and any other documentation necessary to use for the SDLC phases of design to coding.
  • Leads, advises or oversees the critical database usage standards, procedures and conventions. Advises on new technologies and best practices in this area.
  • Presents technical briefings on designs, recommendations, project progress, status, issues, and solutions on data administration and database development projects.
  • Advises, evaluates, tests recommendations for newer technologies that can improve database management, access, security, of traditional datacenter -based databases, distributed and cloud based databases.
  • Understands and can lead, direct, develop, and set up SQL programs. Understands and can work with different database structures including hierarchal, relational, and object-oriented systems in a centralized or distributed environment.
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Desired Certification in: Database softeare, PMP, etc.
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Date Posted: 9/6/2017