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A&P Licensed Assembly & Test Technician

GE Aviation/Lafayette, IN
Job Title: A&P Licensed Assembly & Test Technician
Job Description:
  • Assemble jet engines, including performing various machining and repair operations, using hand tools, specialized tools, equipment and fixtures
  • Coach, guide and train other team members and function in a team based on environment
  • Work from complex product drawings, manuals, specifications, and other company/customer satisfactions
  • Set-up, operate, adjust, and troubleshoot all tools and equipment used in the assembly processes
  • Perform inspections required to assure that the quality plan is achieved
  • High School Diploma/ GED
  • FAA Powerplant license required by start date
  • Or current program enrollment to obtain Powerplant certification
  • Or equivalent military experience performing aircraft maintenance & eligible to pursure Powerplant certification
Interested in applying, please fill out an application at

Date Posted: 9/6/2017